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Traditionally, the doctor thinks of Colles' fracture upon seeing the wrist pushed back on the broken radius.
A Colles' fracture is nearly always the result of a fall.
Conclusion: Closed reduction and pop immobilization for Colles' fracture under haematoma block and sedation is a good treatment option in carefully selected cases.
But Colles' fracture isn't really a good test of the therapy, according to Dr.
An RCT of 42 postmenopausal women with displaced Colles' fractures who were given piroxicam or placebo found no difference in the rate of healing between the intervention and control groups) After 8 weeks, the bone mineral content of the radius and ulna, measured by bone density, was similar in both groups.
Pasila M, Karaharju EO, Lepisto PV (1974) Role of physical therapy in recovery of function after Colles' fracture.
When bone mineral density is assessed in cross-sectional manner the sensitivity and specificity to `detect' vertebral fracture or Colles' fracture is comparable [19, 20].
Update on the use of distal radial bone density measurements in prediction of hip and Colles' fracture risk.