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This incident indicates that colloquial language was an important factor in performing modern womanhood in this era, which made it appropriate, and even desirable, for the Queen to use 'phrases and expressions of the times' and the 'language of her day'.
The trainee health interpreters interpreted interactions between paramedics and patients, characterized by the use of colloquial language, where the focus was on achieving patient wellbeing and reassurance.
The average Turk or expat today would probably know of the following popular poets: Ahmet Hamdi Tanpynar, because he was one of the most important modern novelists, and essayists of Turkish literature or Can YE-cel, who was a Turkish poet noted for his use of colloquial language.
Mamata is popular because of her ordinary lifestyle and her ability to interact with the common people in a colloquial language," Kolkata-based analyst Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury told AFP.
The acute controversy surrounding the possible introduction of the colloquial language in preliminary schools in Morocco has retreated but is not yet over.
The 3,500 most important words to learn at this level are highlighted and ranked with stars for frequency of use; there is special emphasis on contemporary vocabulary, such as computer language and colloquial language.
He is most renowned for his significant use of the colloquial language in his poems delivering this Egyptian sense of humour while portraying peoples' disappointments.
I may not use that colloquial language in other forums, but frankly it is still how I feel.
A second chapter concentrates on demotic language and Skelton's use of the opaque and seemingly nonsensical, especially in his poems in the Skeltonic metre, and a third explores his inventive capacity for using odd personae and quasi-dramatic scenes involving colloquial language.
It was pretty grim," he admits, in Lenkiewicz's overly idiomatic treatment of the colloquial language Ibsen chose for this play.
That, in colloquial language, has been the puzzle for more than a year in the push to oust Assad.