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The longevity of these colloquialisms and their environmental health connections is testament to the importance of our work.
Colloquialisms and slang were the toughest parts to learn.
The Scandinavian-American accents and bizarre colloquialisms are laid on thick from the opening scene, in which four women sit around a kitchen table talking tapioca.
The use of local colloquialisms rings true and adds a layer of authenticity to the story.
Bill was just expressing his fondness for Dublin colloquialisms.
One could quarrel with the sometimes-antiquated colloquialisms here, which at first blush appear to be more a product of the translation than Kertesz's pen, but that really would be quibbling.
There's no harm in good English being mangled a little, allowing for the colloquialisms that give our part of the world its own identity.
Change a few street names and colloquialisms and it could be set on any estate in Manchester, Crawley, Glasgow, Europe, the world even.
I'm all for making things more accessible, but peppering the autocue with colloquialisms made the presenters sound like they were trying too hard to get down with the kids.
Nanny will be affectionately remembered for her colorful colloquialisms, fastidious cleaning, and her devotion to her family.
Since many of the terms used are British colloquialisms, a glossary is included at the end.
But we have a teacher who comes in from Newcastle University to help with colloquialisms and pronunciation.