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COLONEL. An officer in the army, next below a brigadier general, bears this title.

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The porter, the garcons, the bourgeois, all knew le Colonel Silky, who was now a great man, wore moustaches, and went to court--as the court was.
But," replied the same colonel who had already spoken, "you know very well that is impossible.
It's miraculous past all whooping, Colonel,' said Father Victor, when he had talked without a break for ten minutes.
The mess rose joyously as he thrust forward the hilt of his sabre in token of fealty for the colonel of the White Hussars to touch, and dropped into a vacant chair amid shouts of: "Rung ho, Hira Singh
That would be better than doing nothing here," returned the colonel.
The Colonel drank numerous "toddies" during the course of the day, which left him, however, imperturbed.
On the score of delicacy, or any scrupulousness which a finer sensibility might have taught him, the Colonel, like most of his breed and generation, was impenetrable.
The home plantation of Colonel Lloyd wore the appearance of a country village.
I know very well that Colonel Brandon is not old enough to make his friends yet apprehensive of losing him in the course of nature.
Then he sprang quickly into the copse, and the colonel, who had fallen into a deep reverie, followed him mechanically.
And, besides," added Passepartout, "I'll take charge of him, colonel as he is.
He jerked and wrenched savagely at his bridle, stop- ping the hard-breathing animal with a furious pull near the colonel of the regiment.