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The numbers of colonies were counted by means of a colony counter.
After incubation, revertant colonies were counted using colony counter.
Schleicher & Schuell GmbH, the filtration company, introduced a truly unique colony counter system that counts bacteria directly from membrane filter paper.
Tenders are invited for Open Tender For The Colony Counter
The new aCOLyte 3 is a low-cost automated colony counter, designed for a rapid count of pour, spread and spiral plates.
With prices ranging from under $1,000 to over $20,000, any lab can find the appropriate automatic colony counter for its needs.
Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is delighted to announce its ProtoCOL 3 rapid automated colony counter has been shown in an independent study to perform with the same level of accuracy as manual colony counting for enumerating 10 different types of microbial colonies on a range of agar plates.
Advanced Instruments is exhibiting its entire suite of dairy lab products at the International Dairy Show, Booth 439, including the Advanced Model 4250 Cryoscope, Fluorophos ALP Test System, and CryoLineTM Cryoscope supplies; Spiral Biotech QCount Colony Counter and Autoplate Spiral Plating System; and D & F Controls milk preservatives.
Automatic Colony Counter - 1 piece; Electrorings thermoregulation 6 nests - 2 pieces.
Synbiosis, a world-leading manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, today announced its aCOLade, affordable, manual colony counter is being used at major UK food manufacturer, Pukka Pies, to ensure that their pies are top quality and free from microbial contaminants.