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Even the colored folks, who had just been to Toby Green's nephew's funeral two weeks before, where there wasn't one white person.
I have heard and read more than one elite opinion, musing that Farrakhan's "message" just might be the thing to keep the colored folks in line.
In the first section of the story, Davis constantly berates his fellow African Americans for their lack of productivity: "'We colored folks never had no chance ter git nothin' befo' the wah, but ef eve'y nigger in dis town had a tuck keer er his money sence the war, like I has, an' bought as much Ian' as I has, de niggers might'a' got half de lan' by dis time' "(293).
You know, once the train gets through Maryland, and Delaware, colored folks think they up North, think they got rights now, they free and not confined to the colored car and can sit wherever they please.
Not only did I supply the colored folks of the town, but also got the trade of the farmers, the croppers and the hands from the outlying country.
the colored folks been singing it and playing it just like I'm doin' now, man, for more years than I know.
all the colored folks talking bout loving everybody just ain't looked hard at what they thought they said" (226).
Momma said how Uncle Beasley always helped the colored folks, even if it meant he made less money or couldn't buy a fancy car like the white insurance men.