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The crater itself--the ditch--was not so variegated in coloring, but yet, in its softness, richness, and unpretentious elegance, it was more charming, more fascinating to the eye.
Chapters show how to use herbal colorings, how to fix common mistakes, and offer step-by-step visual photo application guides.
There are three graph theoretical definitions of ideal colorings.
Some new colorings of graphs are produced from applied areas of computer science, information science and light transmission, such as vertex distinguishing proper edge coloring [1], adjacent vertex distinguishing proper edge coloring [2] and adjacent vertex distinguishing total coloring [3, 4] and so on, those problems are very difficult.
Later chapters deal with graph colorings, with material on vertex colorings and bounds for the chromatic number, vertex colorings of graphs embedded on surfaces, and a variety of restricted vertex colorings.
The EFSA plans to review 45 colorings currently used in Europe by the end of 2008, and will rule on the coloring Allura Red later in the year.
Food colorings are used to replace real food, like fruit," Jacobson says.
appreciated the convenience of hair colorings formulated to work in just
Hair colorings contain substances similar to the chemicals in coal tar that cause cancer in laboratory animals.
Borodin, On acyclic colorings of planar graphs, Discrete Math.
SUGGESTED VARIATIONS: Add nuts, flavorings or colorings, if desired.