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He mentioned that the commendation ceremony covered a period of 4 years for the period 2010 thru 2013 and for the SSC and HSC final exams.
As part of a recent Freedom Team Salute Commendation ceremony, they were headed toward a stage, to be honored for their service to America.
11 Veterans Day observances, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors honored the military contributions of Asian-Americans with a commendation ceremony Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles.
Sgt Andrew Rawson, PC Dean Carless, PC Daniel Yates and PC Dawn Evans received awards at Warwickshire police's prestigious commendation ceremony.
The crown princess is scheduled to attend a commendation ceremony for a youth book report competition in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward with her husband, the agency said.
Mayor Abramson called the White House rally, which included a commendation ceremony for police who have committed heroic acts while on duty "a rekindling once again of a federal/local partnership.