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The exchange of goods, products, or any type of Personal Property. Trade and traffic carried on between different peoples or states and its inhabitants, including not only the purchase, sale, and exchange of commodities but also the instrumentalities, agencies, and means by which business is accomplished. The transportation of persons and goods, by air, land, and sea. The exchange of merchandise on a large scale between different places or communities.

Although the terms commerce and trade are often used interchangeably, commerce refers to large-scale business activity, while trade describes commercial traffic within a state or a community.


noun interstate commerce, bargaining, barter, bartering, business, business affairs, business deals, business intercourse, business transactions, buying and selllng, chaffering, commercial intercourse, dealing, exchange, fiscal exchange, industry, industry and trade, interchange, interchange of commodities, interrhange of goods, intercourse, marketing, mercantile busiiess, mercantile relations, mercantilism, mercatura, merchantry, monetary exchange, multilateral trade, negotia, negotiation, private enterprise, production and distribution, reciprocal trade, system of exchanges, trade, trading, traffic, traffic of commodities, transportation of commodities, transportation of goods
Associated concepts: affect commerce, affect interstate commerce, arising under a law regulating commerce, commerce among the several states, commerce clause, commerce power, commerce with foreign nations, commercial code, commercial paper, industry affecting commerce, innernational commerce, intrastate commerce, law regulating commerce, navigation and commerce, regulate commerce, restraint of commerce
Foreign phrases: Commercium jure gentium commune esse debet, et non in monopolium et privatum pauuorum quaestum convertendum.Commerce, by the law of nations, ought to be common, and not converted into monopoly and the private gain of a few persons. Jus accrescendi inter mercatores, pro beneficio commercii, locum non habet. The right of survivorship does not exist between merchants for the benefit of commerce.
See also: association, contact, deal, dealings, exchange

BILLS PAYABLE, COMMERCE. Engagements which a merchant has entered into in writing, and which he is to pay on their becoming due. Pard. n. 85.

COMMERCE, trade, contracts. The exchange of commodities for commodities; considered in a legal point of view, it consists in the various agreements which have for their object to facilitate the exchange of the products of the earth or industry of man, with an intent to realize a profit. Pard. Dr. Coin. n. 1. In a narrower sense, commerce signifies any reciprocal agreements between two persons, by which one delivers to the other a thing, which the latter accepts, and for which he pays a consideration; if the consideration be money, it is called a sale; if any other thing than money, it is called exchange or barter. Domat, Dr. Pub. liv. 1, tit. 7, s. 1, n. 2. Congress have power by the constitution to regulate commerce with foreign nations and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes. 1 Kent. 431; Story on Const. Sec. 1052, et seq. The sense in which the word commerce is used in the constitution seems not only to include traffic, but intercourse and navigation. Story, Sec. 1057; 9 Wheat. 190, 191, 215, 229; 1 Tuck. Bl. App. 249 to 252. Vide 17 John. R. 488; 4 John. Ch. R. 150; 6 John. Ch. R. 300; 1 Halst. R. 285; Id. 236; 3 Cowen R. 713; 12 Wheat. R. 419; 1 Brock. R. 423; 11 Pet. R. 102; 6 Cowen, R. 169; 3 Dana, R. 274; 6 Pet. R. 515; 13 S. & R. 205.

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Yet the outstanding lesson to be learned from a golf course or other commercial development at the college would be a lesson of cynicism, that it is fine to callously disregard the natural environment and the community's wishes in pursuit of your goals.
He is also a member of the Chemical Industry Association, the Chemical Management & Resources Association and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, as well as the Commercial Development Association.
About Davis Commercial Development Davis Commercial Development is a Houston-based real estate development and investment company whose principal has more than 33 years of proven experience in designing, developing, leasing and managing high-quality commercial and residential properties.
Looking ahead further interaction with key logistical assets such as the region's ports, rail and air services would enhance the viability of continued commercial development in the North East enabling it to continue to secure investors, developers and occupiers.
This community of 6,500 experienced a three-per-cent population dip from 1996, but that dire statistic hasn't deterred some new residential and commercial developments from springing up.
Scimitar management, led by its chairman, Angus A Mackenzie and accompanied by the Canadian Counselor for Economic and Commercial Affairs, met with the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, H E Sameh Fahmy on October 15th following meetings between Scimitar and the Chairmen and senior officials of the General Petroleum Company and the Egyptian General Petroleum Company to present the successful results of the pilot tests and discuss the program to increase production during the commercial development period, which were received favorably.
Starting in 2010, changes in the accounting rules in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs) affect segments, Residential Development (IFRIC 15), Commercial Development (IFRIC 15) and Infrastructure Development (IFRIC 12).
Skanska Commercial Development Nordic starts a new office project in Vantaa, Finland, a part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.
Phoenix Realty Groupannounced initial capitalizations of $176 million for two of its urban equity funds that will create nearly $2 billion of residential and commercial development across four states.
That scale of commercial development is really to going to change the lifestyle and the area dramatically.
PHILADELPHIA -- The Commercial Development and Marketing Association (CDMA) will hold its Annual Fall Meeting in San Antonio, TX on October 20-23, 2002.
THE USE OF IMPACT FEES AND EXACTIONS--as high as $40,000 for a single family home and $30 per square foot for commercial development in California--soared in the '80s, ostensibly as a way to get around anti-tax sentiment and voter-imposed tax limits such as California's Proposition 13 or Massachusetts's Proposition 2 1/2.

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