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If it was really a commercial entity it should have gone the way of other failed firms.
Contrast this effect to that of a commercial entity running under a classic corporate turnaround scenario.
KMG is to play a dual role in the action: representing the state in the new ventures and as such it will negotiate the PSAs and acting as a commercial entity, taking 51% in each venture and later gradually selling portions to foreign companies to raise capital as exploration activities move ahead.
A commercial entity has a duty to protect someone from harm if the risk of harm is foreseeably and substantially higher than normal conditions.
In addition, there is the risk that Cypress may never become the leading commercial entity focused on FMS, that Cypress may not develop and market the first approved drug for FMS, that Cypress may not be able to successfully develop or market any products for the treatment of FMS under the Pierre Fabre agreement; that the clinical development plan or timeline for milnacipran may not be significantly shortened; that Cypress will not be successful in identifying or developing products under the Georgetown agreement.
We are the first commercial entity to design, manufacture, and test the fiber and construct the high-power sub-assembly all under one roof, in the U.
Because BXP Secure alleviates a serious security risk and reduces an organization's IT deployment and management costs, it is an ideal solution for any government or commercial entity whose top priority is to protect classified data.
Commercial Entity contracts with EVOLVENT to prepare their applications to meet stringent Department of Defense Security Requirements
This illustrates that HQ remains subject to the directives of its sole owner, the government of Quebec, and the political and economic objectives of Quebec, despite the goal of the company to operate as an independent commercial entity.

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