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Additional investigations ruled out a coexisting common pathway defect (factor V 144%, factor X 86%, factor II not done), fibrinogen deficiency (fibrinogen, 3700 mg/L, reference interval 1800-4000 mg/L), a direct thrombin inhibitor (thrombin time, 18.
In medicine, the physician by design will be the final common pathway for clinical decisions and responsibility.
Because fibrin sealant mimics the final common pathway in the coagulation cascade by instantaneously converting fibrinogen to fibrin, fibrin sealant is effective in damage control where hypothermia coagulopathy and wet surfaces are encountered.
By integrating the voice, data, BAS and the electrical distribution systems cabling into a common pathway system, a building owner can expect that a single installation crew can provide one cable delivery system method on which to connect all required network applications.
HNF-4alpha controls the production of HNF-1alpha, so Bell suspects that muta- tions in each protein's gene trigger diabetes through a common pathway.
2 T-type calcium channel is a common pathway in the development of neuropathic pain from diabetes, shingles, fibromyalgia, cancer, HIV, trauma, phantom limb and chemotherapy.
Because the severity of neurodevelopmental symptoms did not correlate with the length of the auditory processing delay, the M100 delay may not become a clear-cut diagnostic biomarker in neurological disorders, but it may be a clue to an important common pathway in neurobiology.
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Key topics on the agenda included the discussion of the new common pathway for diabetic eye screening, integrating quality assurance into screening, the role of IT and the screening children and young people.
There are hundreds of theories on aging, the final common pathway regardless of the cause is less water, and we offer an approach to address it.
If you can define a common pathway that leads to neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease," he says, "it may be possible to design drugs that protect that pathway.