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On the other hand we found out that more than 40% of the respondents in 2011 are living worse comparate with 2008, mainly from the retired category and approximatelly 40% from the medium level age are living the same.
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As a result,it is often an incorrect index of investigation quality and cannot substiitute the analysis of real citations to comparate both people (Bignami et al.
Results from the Levene's test for equality of variances Dependent Variable Comparate Category F Levene's test Fear of Phyicall Harm League I-League II .
Para comenzar, revelaremos el nivel salarial que disfrutan los docentes de otros paises, haciendo buena la expresion utilizada por Goethe en la obra del Tasso: "si quieres conocerte a ti mismo, comparate con los demas".
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