Competent witness

COMPETENT WITNESS. One who is legally qualified to be heard to testify in a cause. In Kentucky, Michigan, and Missouri, a will must be attested, for the purpose of passing lands, by competent witnesses; but if wholly written by the testator, in Kentucky, it need not be so attested. See Attesting witness; Credible witness; Disinterested witness; Respectable witness; and Witness.

References in classic literature ?
He wrote very briefly, neither approving nor blaming my decision, but strongly reiterating his opinion that I should do well to choose a competent witness as my companion at my coming interview with Dexter.
Troy introduced Moody as a competent witness, thoroughly acquainted with the circumstances, and ready and willing to answer any questions relating to them.
He said Veloso 'is the most credible and competent witness that could prove not only the guilt of the accused in these Philippine cases but, eventually and more importantly, the full and unabbreviated circumstances that led to her conviction in Indonesia.
Almost without exception, the sworn testimony of a competent witness is essential; "no witness, no case" is more than just a media catchphrase.
According to the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act, the documents should be produced through a competent witness, else it cannot be relied upon.
The court noted that the law is that in any suit for a medical injury, the plaintiff shall have the burden of proving by affirmative evidence which must include expert testimony of a competent witness or witnesses: (a) The standard of reasonable professional practice in the medical care provider's profession or specialty thereof, if any, at the time the medical care in question was rendered; and (b) That the medical care provider failed to act in accordance with such standard; and (c) That as a proximate result thereof, the injured person suffered injuries, which would not otherwise have occurred.
But because of the husband and wife relationship, Mr Mullany will be a competent witness but not a compellable one.
But, after quizzing the little girl at the High Court in Glasgow, Lord MacLean ruled she was not a competent witness.