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With this new version, Altera is delivering industry-leading design performance, compile times, and productivity features to engineers creating complex SOPC designs.
A convincing benchmark of compile-time performance requires that the algorithm be implemented as part of a compiler that is already well-tuned for efficient compile times.
Another drawback of type checking at compile time was the generation of inaccurate management expectations.
This version of the Quartus II software delivers, on average, a full two-speed grade advantage and 3X faster compile times for high-end FPGAs when compared to the nearest competitor's latest offering.
An unexpected bonus though, was compile times which actually dropped by a factor of 2.
Windows 8 host support, including extended compile caching for faster compile times
Customers can start developing Arria 10 FPGA and SoC-based systems today using the familiar and proven Quartus II design environment with the fastest compile times in the industry.
Altera continues its focus on designer productivity by scaling its development tools to deliver the industry s fastest compile times at 20 nm.
1 reduce compile times 20 percent versus the previous software release, while continuing to deliver on average 2X to 3X faster compile times compared to competing high-density 40-nm and 65-nm designs.
The first commercially available green emulator, it offers fast compile times that range from five- to 30-million gates per hour on PC farms, depending on the design's complexity.
One of the most critical issues that designers of high-density FPGAs face is minimizing compile times so they can bring products to market faster.
This latest release of Quartus II software continues the company's history of delivering high-density FPGA compile times three times faster than other FPGA-vendor supplied development software, based on internal benchmarks.