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Activation of the human complement cascade by bacterial cell walls, peptidoglycans, water-soluble peptidoglycan components, and synthetic muramylpeptides--studies on active components and structural requirements.
People with PNH have an acquired deficiency of proteins that normally protect red blood cells from a component of the body's natural defense system, known as the complement cascade.
The activation of the complement cascade plays a significant part in the initiation and amplification of inflammation processes, phagocytosis and lysis of microorganisms.
The CARDINAL hypothesis was that this highly targeted drug would inhibit the complement cascade at a point where reperfusion injury (inflammatory damage to heart muscle that is sustained upon restoration of blood flow) would be reduced without interfering with the body's ability to fight infection, explained Dr.
As mentioned, the complement cascade activates autoantibodies and chemotactic factors, which leads to cell degranulation.
APL-2 inhibits complement at the levels of complement factor C3, thus blocking all downstream effector pathways of the complement cascade.
Now we will be able to design specific complement inhibitors to target this complex and in that way inhibit activation of the complement cascade, because now we know which parts of the proteins are essential for activity," said Lambris.
The company's lead therapeutic program is focused on compounds that inhibit the inappropriate activity of the complement cascade, which is a vital part of the body's immune defense system.
This complement cascade eventually results in the formation of a membrane attack complex, a multiprotein assemblage that latches onto the surface of endothelial cells, killing them directly or, more often, activating them.
The company is focused on developing monoclonal antibodies against targets of the Tau protein and the Complement cascade of the innate immune system.
The molecule that modulated the complement cascade, however, was relatively large, consisting of 787 amino acids, too sizable to be used therapeutically.

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