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You will be relieved to hear that there will be no war, that the Right Honourable Trelawney Hope will suffer no setback in his brilliant career, that the indiscreet Sovereign will receive no punishment for his indiscretion, that the Prime Minister will have no Europe an complication to deal with, and that with a little tact and management upon our part nobody will be a penny the worse for what might have been a very ugly incident.
How skilful the 'resolution' (straightening out) of the suspense and complications at the end?
There would be no end of fuss and complications if the ship didn't turn up in time .
Unless we get firm in West Africa, Ger--untold complications may follow.
There are various complications which blur the sharpness of this distinction in practice.
It surpassed any complications of intrigue in her favourite Pigault le Brun.
The objects of the legal inquiry were necessarily beset by peculiar complications and difficulties.
I had my hands full of complications which were most valuable as "experience.
Tom gave no sign that there was any complication in his affair with Mary Nestor, and of course Ned did not tell anything of what he knew about it.
The social complication that threatened her now seemed to her rather the outcome of her half-civilized parlor than of the sylvan glade.
After long reflection he resolved at last to go to his friend's village, where he had been staying when he afforded opportunities for the contrivance of this complication of misfortune.
I have unfolded to you a complication of dangers to which you would be exposed, should you permit that sacred knot which binds the people of America together be severed or dissolved by ambition or by avarice, by jealousy or by misrepresentation.