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COMPOUNDER, in Louisiana. He who makes a composition. An amicable compounder is one who has undertaken by the agreement of the parties to compound or settle differences. between them. Code of Pract. of Lo. art. 444.

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Hamburg followed this announcement by sending out letters in January to hospitals/healthcare providers urging them to use registered compounders.
Prism EuroLab compounders are bench-mounted corotating twin screw units suitable for studying production mixing processes on a laboratory scale.
Above all, you'll see a lot of unconventional approaches to compounding that bear little resemblance to traditional mixers or twin-screw compounders.
Recently licensed by DuPont as exclusive compounder of Surlyn Reflection Series resins, a patented alloy of Surlyn ionomer and nylon 6.
The graph highlights Europe's top 10 technical compounders by volume in 2009 Rest of the market 68% Top 10 Companies 17% Top 11-50 Companies 14% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Even so, shutting down the compounder was difficult.
According to Farrel, the short L/D ratio of 5:1 for the compounder line cuts residence time of process materials.
Focusing on the smallest scale of extrusion with an output of several grams to 150 grams per hour, good manufacturing practices (GMP)-compliant small-scale compounders are well-suited for pharmaceutical applications.
PolyOne, a downstream resin compounder, is experiencing a squeeze in operating margins as raw material costs increase.
In response to this problem, a range of controlled-color PP compounds has been developed by one custom compounder that provide consistently low color variation, batch-to-batch, in the end product.
An existing 70-mm, 9-barrel Coperion Super Compounder was upgraded and lengthened by two barrel sections.
Prior to signing this agreement, Premier had recommended the Baxa Exacta-Mix 2400 Compounder (EM2400) as part of its Technology Breakthroughs Program after a clinical review of the product's advantages for patient safety and med error reduction.