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Senior Labour MP and ex-Cabinet minister Liam Byrne said: "This must count as the most expensive con job in British political history.
If you are idiotic enough to sow wheat believing it to be maize, you have done a con job on yourself.
A la Morenita del traje brillante como Beatriz Paredes, aunque a la Virgen la carga el indito del Tepeyac, no el diputado Carlos Rojas al que, si hay que compararlo con algun santo sena con Job, por su infinita paciencia.
I am ringing regarding the big con job that has been carried out by our Chancellor of the Exchequer.
All the talk from Ellis of titles, glory, success - eclipsing the days 20 years ago when Villa were a serious force in England and Europe - was pure hot air, a con job.
I told last week how fraudsters are impersonating Shell managers to con job hunters into paying upfront fees to secure non-existent employment.
It is believed that by offering such fictitious jobs with the prominent federal authority, the fraudsters were trying to con job seekers.
A senior manager in- charge of the risk control unit of an MNC bank said: " Actually, this is the con job of the future.
Con Job el incisivo director Richard Viqueira mostro ser un creador dotado de fuerte carga de elementos compositivos, furia discursiva (visualmente hablando) y eficacia en sus golpes teatrales.
So at the risk of accusing Mr MacAskill of that tried and tested political con job - talking tough to steal headlines while not really saying anything new - let's take a closer look at what he did propose.
Edinburgh's plight grew deeper when Taylor became the victim of a yellow card con job.