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After conquering France, pro-Nazi officials deport Jews to concentration camps.
American policy was most difficult for me to accept in late July and early August, when Roy Gutman's Newsday stories provided the first detailed account of concentration camps.
Half of the concentration camp survivors--and 13 of the Auschwitz survivors--suffer from PTSD, compared with about one in five survivors who had not been incarcerated in concentration camps.
The de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University will feature a moving exhibition of photographs by English photographer Michael Kenna that documents the physical legacy of the Nazi concentration camps.
I HAVE seldom, if ever, been so moved by a photograph as the one in the Birmingham Mail (May 10) of the Jewish families being rounded up to be sent to the concentration camps.
She survived the Holocaust, enduring beatings and starvation in concentration camps.
The court did, however, state there was no doubt Demjanjuk was "Ivan of Sobibor," and that he had also served at Flossenburg and Regensberg concentration camps.
Stalin sends hundreds of thousands to concentration camps.
Drawing on his own experiences, Bettelheim soon began to publish social psychological studies of the Nazi concentration camps.
Sir, - The 19th-century benefactress who springs to my mind is a small but resolute Englishwoman who perceived what our military heroes - Roberts and Kitchener - had brought about in South Africa when they herded the Boers' families into our concentration camps.
The general estimate is that, as well as six million Jews, at least another six million Europeans (including the Polish "gentiles") perished in concentration camps.

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