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She has three sisters-in-law still living and none of them wants to recall their experiences in concentration camps.
In 1955, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev frees the majority of Ukrainians from concentration camps.
In one of her final chapters, entitled, "Progressive Dehumanization: The Comfortable Concentration Camp," Friedan brought to a horrifying conclusion her argument that domesticity denied women's humanity: she developed a five-page analogy between suburban homes and Nazi concentration camps.
American policy was most difficult for me to accept in late July and early August, when Roy Gutman's Newsday stories provided the first detailed account of concentration camps.
The arrival of the Germans changed that, and Kertesz barely survived a yearlong odyssey through Auschwitz, Buchenwald and other concentration camps.
The Jews were eventually shipped to concentration camps.
When he feels a twinge of pity coming on, he stops himself by thinking of photographs from the concentration camps.
Hausfeld, "IBM in the United States profited from the Third Reich's use of IBM technology, equipment and services used in the concentration camps.
The steel fence and barbed wire surrounding the barracks reminded the refugees of concentration camps.
The story has become legend: Anne, her family and some acquaintances hid in the upper levels of an Amsterdam office building once owned by her father for 25 months before Nazis captured them and dispatched them to concentration camps.
He described his relationships with his classmates as very harmonious, but said racism against the Jews was evident even before they were rounded up for concentration camps.
So evolved is the belief that government will take advantage of the millennium hysteria to destroy their organizations, some in the movement have already spotted locations they believe are being prepared as concentration camps.

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