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Accurate concentration measurement in the presence of contamination is necessary for any concentration measurement technology.
Thus, for PM concentration measurement, at least six sampling points inside the building should be chosen regardless of whether sampling is done in winter or summer.
5a show the results of three consecutive concentration measurements on two different TC tubes (data from Table 1).
Depending on the dose and the half-life of the elimination phase of about 60 minutes, the plasma concentration measurements should be limited according to the level of quantification of creatinine.
The zone's concentration measurements (the plotted series "Zone C" represented by circles) almost match the discharge air ("Discharge C").
If these means would not be applied for certain investigations, then it would be necessary to at least verify the existence and influence of undispersed sediment clouds through sediment concentration measurements in several measurement sections.
Thus there is a need for a new method, which can directly and easily perform quantitative concentration measurements of water-soluble small molecular weight substance creatinine in biological fluid (e.
For plastics processors such as masterbatchers and compounders Transpec can identify and qualify incoming material and then be used for near-line quality analysis, to check formulations through identity and concentration measurements as well as making property predictions.
10] concentration measurements at feed yards, CAAQES faculty determined that 25 percent of the TSP emitted by a feed yard was [PM.
2] from integration of continuous sidestream gas concentration measurements and flow measurements made at the mouth by a differential pressure flow sensor (D-lite+).
The backward Lagrangian Stochastic (bLS) technique, which provides emission estimates using concentration measurements and turbulence data obtained from an open-path laser and a three dimensional sonic anemometer, was used in a series of field experiments.
The growth rates were derived from more than 600 bacterial concentration measurements on raw poultry at 10 temperatures ranging from 0 C to 25 C.

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