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The content of the revised code was redrafted using consistent drafting and style conventions with certain provisions revised to reflect the conceptual framework approach.
To address this deficiency, we suggest that the Defense Acquisition University equip acquisition personnel with an interpretive conceptual framework to complement the analytical lexicon.
Thinking of these not only as venues for information seeking but also as learning tools would enrich any researcher's conceptual framework for studying the relationship of library media programs to learning.
Using these themes as a foundation, we developed a conceptual framework for analyzing resources and barriers to learning with individuals from groups that are vulnerable to discrimination by race, ethnicity, gender, or class.
Roosevelt, "Managing Diversity: A Conceptual Framework," Diversity in the Workplace.
One implication of this conceptual framework is that information about all of the components must be collected to develop a complete picture of CD.
The focus of this article is to provide a composite and review of the conceptual framework for assessing distance teaching and learning, and a review of the processes and the instrument the authors developed for assessing distance teaching and learning.
The report pointed to the FASB's actions to address concerns over the quality and timeliness of accounting standards--the development of the FASB conceptual framework and the emerging issues task force, for example--but said it still takes an average of two years to issue specific standards.
Chapter 4 discusses the conceptual framework for CCTV and offers a comparison b/w analogue & digital systems.
Among those were: Financial Instruments--Liabilities and Equity Project, Uncertain Tax Positions, Amendments to FAS 140, Invitation to Comment: Selected Issues Relating to Assets and Liabilities with Uncertainties, Business Combinations, Conceptual Framework, Fair Value, Reporting Financial Performance, Revenue Recognition, etc.
President Kurmanbek Bakiev ordered to set up the working group that would design the draft of conceptual framework of court and law enforcement reforms in Kyrgyzstan, reported president's press office.
Today's proposed Concepts Statement reflects our ongoing commitment to develop a more robust conceptual framework that can better guide the Board in its decision making, promote high-quality accounting standards, and make the process for developing those standards more consistent," said Robert H.

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