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CONCLAVE. An assembly of cardinals for the purpose of electing a pope; the place where the assembly is held is also called a conclave. It derives this name from the fact that all the windows and doors are looked, with the exception of a single panel, which admits a gloomy light.

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Summary: New Delhi [India], Aug 10 (ANI-NewsVoir): The 6th Annual IoT Innovation Conclave & Exhibition 2017 ended on a high note with 300+ participants being ecstatic about the future of IoT technology in India.
There is no formal process of elimination and cardinals can even vote for themselves - which may explain why conclaves often need more than one round of balloting to produce a pope.
The 115 cardinals who have locked themselves inside the Sistine Chapel revealed to the world that they have failed to select a new pontiff on their first ballot - a widely expected outcome as the papal conclave got underway Tuesday afternoon.
Yet in many ways, this conclave is a departure from preceding ones.
In between the two conclaves (separated by just one month), some intrigue occurred that helped della Rovere's chances.
Chacko said "These conclaves not only help in germination of more innovative & productive ideas in the young minds but also inculcate the right attitude towards the changing world.
But Conclaves often cause upsets, even though the most devout Catholics believe the Holy Spirit guides the Cardinals to make a wise choice.
Conclaves have always been held in total secrecy but the threat of spying is greater due to modern technology.
Typically, conclaves open with two or more candidates who have strong followings.
He deplores the increasing secrecy of these elections where we now know less of conclaves of the twentieth century than outsiders did in the fifteenth.
To be more specific, the last two conclaves both took place that year, because Pope John Paul I died--much too early--after only 33 days of his papacy.