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CONCUBINE. A woman who cohabits with a man as his wife, without being married.

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Empress Dowager Cixi The Concubine Who Launched Modern China.
Sayyida Salme grew up in Zanzibar but followed the path of love to Germany, while Djilfidan was abducted from her village as a child and sold as a concubine in Zanzibar, where eventually she, too, learns to love.
When the beautiful concubine ZhaoJun refuses to supply the corrupt minister MAOYANSHOU with his usual bribe he makes sure she's hidden away from the Emperor, but ZhaoJun is a resourceful woman and engineers a chance meeting with the Emperor.
They are always supposed to be sold just like a commodity, to be raped, enslaved or taken as concubine or co-wife by the murderers of their husbands.
From the stable of renowned Australian designer, Peter Cole, Quiros was built in Sydney for Victorian owner John Taylor and launched as Concubine in 1977, the one and only year it ever contested the Hobart.
BOOK OF THE WEEK Empress Dowager CIXI: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China by Jung Chang.
The tasks of the heads of the empire harem, who were powerful women and the condition of concubine women in harem, are explained.
After an overview of harem history and the history of the Mamluk revival, the rest of the book follows the stages of a woman's life and the transitions she makes as she becomes integrated into the household as a concubine or wife.
Scholz makes a persuasive argument that die texts she examines are indeed texts about rape: Dinah, Tamar, Hagar, Jacobs concubines, the Levite concubine in Judges 19, Bathsheba, and others.
In this study, I aim to examine the discourse within which Chinese "culture" and Chinese "identity" is regularly situated in transnational Chinese cinema, focusing specifically on the discursive formation of "Chineseness" in Chen Kaige's Farewel My Concubine.
Throughout the concert, she presents different stories on stage that take audiences through a journey from East to West, including scenes she brings to life such as the stunning "Eve in Eden;" the archaic, imperial concubine, "Yang Guifei;" the seductive "Egyptian Queen;" and the crowd pleaser, "Barbie Catwalk.