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CONCUBINE. A woman who cohabits with a man as his wife, without being married.

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There is some flirting and, despite the preoccupations of being the ruler of a vast empire, political intrigues, and hundreds of concubines, Salim often remembers Mahrunnisa with longing.
Her belief in this destiny propels her up through the ranks of concubines, allows her to survive exile in a convent, and fuels her return to court and ascent to the throne.
7 Xi'an, China When Fox Is a Thousand, Larissa Lai (Arsenal Pulp 1995-2004) A trickster fox spirit haunts the concubines and wives of ninth-century Changan (now Xi'an), Chinas imperial capital for 11 dynasties.
Even Solomon forgot that when he allowed his wives and concubines to introduce worship of idols in the Temple.
Davis' findings, as described by the Guardian, "Thousands of white Christians were seized every year to work as galley slaves, laborers and concubines for Muslim overlords in what is today Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya.
Over the last decade, rebels have abducted up to 30,000 children to be soldiers, slaves or concubines.
Chapter 4 takes the reader further into the realities of Venetian sexuality, with its endogamous patrician families, dealing with concubines and courtesans before the patriarchal court.
All of the battle elephants, bare-chested warriors and bare-breasted concubines this eminently royal production could muster can't make up for the poor writing and uninspired filmmaking that turn the whole enterprise into a tedious history lesson.
At one point, Moses takes the Israelites to task for sparing the women and children of a vanquished enemy tribe and instructs them to kill all the male children and all the women, except for virgins, who can be taken as slaves and concubines.
In fact, the only pavilions facing north were for the Emperor's rejected concubines.
But men could impose abortion on their wives and concubines by getting the Shari'a, or the Islamic religious law, interpreted in their favor.