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Country: United States of America
State: California

hi, I need some information. I have applied for green card as my wife is US citizen, hopefully I will get my green card in couple of months. As my marriage duration is less than 2 years so may be I will get conditional green card. I am doing job and Now my employer is going to make an office of the company in Middle East and wants to send me there, may be in next 6 months and he wants me to send there. how can I protect the time frame of my citizenship as I would be out of USA for employment. I need to know that what can be a possibility so that the duration which I will spend in Middle East for my company is consider as continues residency in USA. Is there any way?


Shorter business trips will often not be a problem--perhaps you could have the first assignments be of a couple months etc.--
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Investors have to do a second filing a few years after obtaining the conditional green card and prove that the project is real and has created required jobs.
Once these are approved, the client receives a conditional Green Card.
The United States EB-5 system permits foreign traders who are provided an I-526 acceptance to get a two-year conditional green card if they successfully pass a comprehensive background check and spend a certain quantity in accepted ventures that create a lowest quantity of American employements.
But in high unemployment areas, and in rural areas--which includes most of New Hampshire--foreign investors can invest $500,000 in an approved EB-5 project and, in return, get a conditional green card.
EB-5 visa holders, their spouses, and their unmarried children under 21 years of age receive a conditional green card.
Under an EB-5 Visa, the investor receives a conditional green card and permanent green card which may subject them to being classified as U.
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