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Exiit primo mane etc--Primi conducti ad laborandum primo mane fuerunt primi parentes.
Preludes and interludes without text testify to the performance of conducti with instrumental accompaniment as well.
The intrinsic oxidation states, protonation-deprotonation behavior, metal reduction ability (electroless plating of Pd from Pd(ll) ion solution), electrical conducti vity, and electronic and valence band structures of the aniline homopolymer were preserved in the PAM chains tethered on the Si surface.
Twelfth and 13th-century conducti and organi from composers including the Parisians Leonin and Perotin rub shoulders with John Cage and Nigel Osborne.
Using paleographical evidence, she draws the somewhat speculative, though nonetheless intellectually compelling, conclusion that the notation of conducti became more exact as the performance of these verse songs gained official support.
He was encouraged that Johns Hopkins was conducti ng "a training school for teachers," which was "causing a widespread recognition of the value of the general biology course" [7].
Our goal is not only to conduct our own traffic safety research, but to work together with researchers who are already conducti earned ISO 9001 Certification, making it the first automotive or truck assembly plant in the U.
12 Xbris ad exhilarandos anatomiae spectatores recreandosque ex tristi aspectu animos, ex vetusta consuetudine (quae tamen superioribus aliquot annis proximis interrupta) fidicines ab Anatomistis conducti et in Theatrum reducti fuere, procurante hanc rem sedulo D.