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As a result, they discovered that acute mastitis was more likely in ewes with poor udder conformation, teat lesions and inadequate nutrition in pregnancy, as well as those feeding twins or triplets.
Our platform incorporates proprietary technologies for engineering stabilised GPCRs in their natural pharmacological conformations, identifying previously unknown chemistries for GPCR protein-drug interactions, and deploying advanced fragment-based approaches to GPCR target space for the first time.
This is accomplished through the use of a series of proprietary algorithms to identify segments in proteins of interest that, if introduced as synthetic peptides, would prevent the proteins from adopting disease-associated conformations and related activities and thus could have therapeutic benefits.
Both the semiempirical and ab initio calculations for the all-trans and alternating trans-gauche conformations, for the different positions of methyl groups were performed for likely configurations of PMVC, as summarized in Fig.
This is a simplistic model; however, the possible conformations are a little more complex, as shown in Figure 6.
Rings can be rotated to multifarious conformations and light distributions.
In contrast, polymers made with blocks of amino acids that assume more random conformations formed much weaker hydrogels.
For three of the residues, Va l43, Asp83, and Arg85, two correlated conformations are found.
CPG3 has been shown by NMR (1) and by X-ray crystallography (2, 3) to adopt a variety of different conformations depending on solvent and cations bound.
The conformations of enzyme-bound substrates are of interest for the understanding of the catalytic mechanism of the enzyme and the design of new inhibitors.
The conformations of these degradation products of TNT and closely related explosives were investigated.
It takes about 30 seconds to inflate the bladders to the exact conformations of an occupant.