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Congresswomen aren't overachievers because women are intrinsically better legislators, the authors argue, but because the barriers to entry for women in congressional politics are so high that those who succeed simply have more talent and put in more effort than the average man who wins at the polls.
Like the famed African-American baseball player Jackie Robinson, whose combination of great athletic talent and outstanding character persuaded the major leagues to desegregate, congresswomen have to prove their mettle and then some before they can win entry to the fortress that is Capitol Hill.
and five other congresswomen climbing the white marble stairs to the Senate chamber to protest Hill's treatment by the Judiciary committee.
Advocating efforts to find a cure, Congresswomen Donna Christian-Christensen (D-VI) and Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) showed highlights of "Sickle Cell: The Forgotten Disease," at a Cannon House Office Building press conference today.
Greene hand delivered MMMA's attached response to a letter received from Congresswoman Schroeder and nine other congresswomen, which Schroeder then released to the media.