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Judge Niclas Parry, sitting at Mold Crown Court, told him: "You can rightly be described as a career conman.
In just four hours he lost to an SMS lottery conman the Dh16,500 he had put aside for his wedding.
Catch Me If You Can was the biopic of fraudster Frank Abagnale, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the conman.
Sources said that the cheque that Laljibhai's firm had issued to buy the prime minister's suit was shared on social media, from where the conman downloaded the image and used it to prepare a duplicate cheque.
The conman always sticks to the same sob story - that he is a firefighter who has lost his car keys and needs cash for a train ticket to get to the Lake District for a shift.
A CONMAN who bought a EUR16,000 gold Rolex with a stolen credit card will be extradited to France within weeks, a court ruled yesterday.
Detectives today stepped up a city-wide hunt for the doorstep conman and warned elderly residents to be on their guard.
Asked yesterday if he was a conman, cheat and liar, Foster told an Australian radio station: "Yeah, I suppose so.
The pair came to know each other when Mortimer was living in Torquay and he was tricked into lending at least another pounds 200,000, with the conman promising to repay the money from the sale of a house which was actually owned by Birmingham City Council.
Teacher Ian Tennant, who found the dumped documents, hit out yesterday: "What happens if a conman or fraudster got his hands on them?
One neighbour revealed that the conman had already struck once in the area that day - and had conned an elderly couple three weeks ago.
Householders in the Rawthorpe and Dalton areas are being warned to be on their guard against the conman.