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Part of the bioinformatics data associated with the tiled consensus sequence generated is a measure of certainty, or quality, at each nucleotide position to give the end user some sense of the level of statistical certainty for each base position.
The oligonucleotides (MWG Biotech AG) were designed in order to clone the lexA box consensus sequence into the pBR322 vector upstream the b/aTEM-i reporter gene.
The 169 bp consensus sequence for the hamster B2 element (Kass et al.
The closest matches (98% identity) were to sequences from CCAP strains 1560/4 and 1560/5, the sequences most closely related to the consensus sequence from 2001 to 2002 lobsters (Fig.
Effect of transition metals on binding of p53 protein to supercoiled DNA and to consensus sequence in BNA fragments.
You line up the [amino acid] sequences and ask if there's a consensus sequence.
The consensus sequence is the one used by Seafood ID from ACGT, Inc.
Phylogenetic analysis showed differences between these sequences and a consensus sequence retrieved from GenBank (accession no.
Therefore a consensus sequence was used for each allele type; the differences between each consensus sequence and the original clones are shown in Table 4.
Each unknown sequence was associated to the consensus sequence with which it had the lowest divergence match difference.