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The Conservation of Resources Theory (Hobfoll, 1989, 2001) is used to provide the theoretical basis for this study.
Sony has announced an ambitious "Road to Zero" campaign that will involve such eco-friendly initiatives as climate change, conservation of resources, controlling chemical substances and biodiversity.
Contributors from academic institutions in North America and Europe provide 16 chapters, some presenting new research results, on topics such as the conservation of resources in burnout and engagement, cross-cultural issues in stress and burnout, work schedules and stress, physician burnout as predicted by subjective and objective workload and autonomy, stress and patient safety, and burnout interventions.
Beijing has long promised to liberalise energy prices as part of a drive to boost energy efficiency and conservation of resources, but has been wary of the consequences of doing so amid rising inflation and soaring coal and oil prices.
The rating takes into account such factors as the use of sustainable sites, water and energy efficiency, and the conservation of resources in building materials.
By enrolling in this voluntary national program, CB Richard Ellis becomes a true industry leader by addressing chemical risks in its properties across our nation and by increasing the conservation of resources.
The financial counterpart for actions directly linked to the conservation of resources and consolidation of the local sector remains at 595,000 a year.
The product stewardship programme applies five global standards: product design and development; product management, distribution and use; suppliers and other purchased services; material hazards and conservation of resources.
I also choose this lifestyle in consideration of animals' lives, our planet's well-being and conservation of resources.
Toward that goal, Hobfoll's (1989) Conservation of Resources (COR) stress model offers a useful framework that counselors can use to address the psychological distress of individuals who have experienced a disaster.
Among these are that all information of value comes from an organization, that records provide all the information needed for management decisions, and that a focus on the conservation of resources through cost savings and avoidance is highly valued by management.
Developed by educators affiliated with the National Science Teachers Association under a grant from The Dow Chemical Company, "An Ounce of Prevention" deals with the conservation of resources, reduction of waste, and analysis of energy consumption.

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