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None of the panelists suggested that the juggernaut of conservative politics and the religious right might end any time soon.
Moon has used the faith-based initiative to build support in the African-American community and lure pastors into conservative politics, and this grant may give him further inroads there.
The author investigates such figures as Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Chuck Colson, Sarah Palin, and others to uncover the failings of evangelicals in conservative politics.
He was a national figure in Conservative politics - it was a different style of politics in those days.
I have some really bright interesting conservative minds who have worked in conservative politics that will help me bolster some conservative arguments at those moments that we're talking about politics," he said.
Perry was one of a handful of mega-donors in Texas conservative politics.
Above all, it would seem virtually impossible to reconcile the black narrative of liberation with the conservative politics and poetics of the detective genre, a politics that ultimately reflects a larger American moral code from which whites have generally had few difficulties excluding the Africanist Other.
Only his race and his conservative politics account for his presence on the Supreme Court.
The world of corporate leaders who had supported conservative politics in Japan both figuratively and literally since the end of World War II was about to change.
As Adorno pointed out in his 1962 essay "Commitment," works of art that seek to engage in politics often take for granted the direct communicability of images and are thus fundamentally linked with the conservative politics their makers want to oppose.
In some papers and newscasts he is simply an aging comic known for conservative politics and long-ago television stardom.

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