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Carter himself was a moderate Democrat, so there was little reason at that time to associate born-again, evangelical religion with extreme conservative politics as we reflexively do today.
The thriving atmosphere of Atlanta, Georgia serves as the background against which these youth consume Hip Hop, and the book examines how the city's socially conservative politics, urban gentrification, race relations, Southern-flavored Hip Hop music and culture, and booming adult entertainment industry rest in their periphery.
federal law that apparently is too liberal and has been shut down because of conservative politics.
Several leading scholars contend that young adults, in particular, have turned away from organized religion because they perceive it as deeply entangled with conservative politics and do not want to have any association with it," according to the report.
He said there was a simple difference between conservative politics and progressive ones - arithmetic.
The 'Politics and Philosophy of Inequality' has been the very marrow of Conservative politics and practice ever since Edmund Burke launched his assault upon the excesses of the French Revolution in 1790.
According to the Canadian academics, conservative politics work almost as a "gateway" into prejudice against others.
With its cheap and ready materials--largely cardboard and Plexiglas--replicating the site's dereliction as attentively as its contours, the piece intimated links between urban renewal and gentrification, class in-equity and claims to urban space, unrest in the banlieues and conservative politics.
The event, Kaylor wrote, was convened by James Robison, a Texas-based TV preacher who was prominent in conservative politics in the 1980s.
On the night Rand won his primary, former Bush speechwriter David Frum lamented, "Rand Paul's victory in the Kentucky Republican primary is obviously a depressing event for those who support strong national defense and rational conservative politics.
IN her diatribe on so-called affluent council tenants (Roof over every head, Mailbag, September 20), Clr Christine Smith exposes once more the spiteful, vindictive face of Conservative politics.
Sarah Palin, the icon of US conservative politics, has addressed delegates to the national convention of the emerging Tea Party movement, proclaiming that America is "ready for another revolution".

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