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This means that the transmitted pulses are a continuation of the same signal and have phase consistancy.
In the past, as we've mentioned, an important role of organization design was to preserve consistancy, stability, and perhaps even a degree of harmony within the organization.
Tree-ring chronologies were aligned using the 1981 signature year (severe gypsy moth defoliation and drought year; see Herrick and Gansner 1988 and Allen and Bowersox 1989) and visually inspected for consistancy during earlier periods.
While change is important in furniture products, carpeting and wallcoverings require durability and consistancy.
Estimates of internal consistancy indicated that there was no significant change between the original and shortened forms.
I was on the best of terms with Luang Pradist [Pridi], and admire him greatly for the consistancy with which he stuck to his principles.
The wayfinding signage that exists in the teminals is confusing, lacks consistancy, and is outdated with multiple "families of signs" in some locations.