Consolidation rule

CONSOLIDATION RULE, practice, com. law. When a number of actions are brought on the same policy, it is the constant practice, for the purpose of saving costs, to consolidate them. by a rule of court or judge's order, which restrains the plaintiff from proceeding to trial in more than one, and binds the defendants in all the others to abide the event of that one; but this is done upon condition that the defendant shall not file any bill inequity, or bring any writ of error for delay. 2 Marsh. Ins. 701. For the history of this rule, vide Parke on Ins. xlix.; Marsh. Ins. B. 1, c. 1 6, s. 4. And see 1 John. Cas. 29; 19 Wend. 23; 13 Wend. 644 5 Cowen, 282,; 4 Cowen, 78; Id. 85; 1 John. 29; 9 John. 262.
     2. The term consolidation seems to be rather misapplied in those cases, for in point of fact there is a mere stay of proceedings in all those cases but one. 3 Chit. Pr. 644. The rule is now extended to other cases: when several actions are brought on the same bond against several obligors, an order for a stay of proceedings in all but one will be made. 3 Chit. Pr. 645 3 Carr. & P. 58. See 4 Yeates, R. 128 3 S. & R. 262; Coleman, 62; 3 Rand. 481; 1 N. & M. 417, n.; 1 Cow n 89; 3 Wend. 441; 9 Wend. 451; M. 438, 440, n.; 5 Cowen, 282; 4 Halst. 335; 1 Dall. 145; 1 Browne, Appx. lxvii.; 1 Ala. R. 77; 4 Hill, R. 46; 19 Wend. 23 5 Yerg. 297; 7 Miss. 477; 2 Tayl. 200.,
     3. The plaintiff may elect to join in the same suit several causes of action, in many cases, consistently with the rules of pleading, but having done so, his election is determined. He cannot ask the court to consolidate them; 3 Serg. & R. 266; but the court will sometimes, at the instance of the defendant, order it against the plaintiff. 1 Dall. Rep. 147, 355; 1 Yeates, 5; 4 Yeates, 128; 2 Arch. Pr. 180; 3 Serg. & R. 264.

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The revision allows some more time--from three months to a year--for companies to apply the consolidation rule to off-book vehicles that have never been considered special-purpose entities or vehicles that were set up for a unique, narrow purpose, such as raising financing.
These important measures restore integrity to the tax consolidation rules, making sure they are operating as intended and providing appropriate tax outcomes.
But since they are subsidiaries of large groups (based outside this territory), under business consolidation rules they are treated as large companies and cannot benefit from regional state aid.
In this month's column, I'll explain how the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is changing the derecognition and consolidation rules of U.
Today the Senate stood up to Washington special interests by voting to reverse the FCC's disappointing media consolidation rules that I have fought against," he said.
and international accounting consolidation rules and the convergence effort made in this area.
The federation launched the site shortly after a federal appeals court ordered the Federal Communications Commission to reconsider media consolidation rules, noting it failed to justify the easing of ownership limitations.
46) Such property would include property deemed to be owned by the NRE under the consolidation rules.
Additionally, as part of the NATOA conference, ITC members had an opportunity to hear from Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Michael Copps, who reiterated his concerns about recent media consolidation rules.
Because this limited-scope ED is not a comprehensive attempt to resolve issues related to consolidation policy, it adds another piece to the complex mosaic that comprises current consolidation rules.
The FCC eliminated many of its radio consolidation rules in 1996.
Proposed consolidation rules, expected to be finalized before the end of 2000, would require a parent to consolidate entities that it "controls" (under the FASB's new definition) even though it owns less that 50% of the entity's voting stock.