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The duration of the last syllable vowel is the shortest in the word purronikadoks (V5 = 60 ms), which is probably due to the following voiceless consonant cluster.
On the consonant cluster tolerance, Batibo (1995:39) notes that the language has become unique among Bantu languages due to its insensitivity to consonant clusters.
When learning the spelling of words with a complex consonant cluster, or sound-to-spelling consistent words in general, children will benefit from instruction based on phonemic analysis, thereby using the consistency between graphemes and phonemes that exists in many languages, and the important role of phonology in reading and spelling (e.
In fact, the term gemination as used here is misleading; already Sovijarvi points to that fact (1944 : 81-82) and Ariste wrote (1956 : 49): "In consonant clusters and following a long vowel, the stops and sibilants have lengthened and strengthened without gemination [ ]".
The dual representation of the consonant cluster (-hk- ~ -tk-) in Finnic appears to result from an irregular split of the preconsonantal affricate *c in Pre-Finnic.
A number of verbs in group (b) have two alternative forms: an ik-verb with a consonant cluster and a non-ik verb with an inserted vowel, e.
through the Han" as part of the process by which Old Chinese initial consonant clusters were simplified (The Origin and Early Development of the Chinese Writing System [New Haven: AOS, 1994], 171-73).
The constraints against the relevant clusters involve local conjunction (Smolensky 1995; Alderete 1997), such that the conjoined constraints are only violated if both of their component constraints are violated within the consonant cluster.
When occurring before a consonant cluster (as in [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED], i.
The first syllable in this group of words is always voiced and consists of a short vowel and the first part of the consonant cluster.
The aryyalipi script of Malayalam, while very good at handling these contrasts (much better than the IPA), uses two graphemes to indicate an r in a consonant cluster - one for before and one for after the stop.
Helimski's oral information, the origin of the Komi 2PSg inflection is supposed to have been the consonant cluster *nt because otherwise the development in this language, just as in Udmurt, might not be n.