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Consonant gemination occurs in nouns intervocalically and word final as well, but adjectives show consonant gemination only intervocalically.
It is important to note that the vowel elision that leads to what looks like consonant gemination occurs in fast rapid speech, but interstingly it occurs in the normal speech of most OD speakers interviewed This implies that there may be a gradual language change which could lead to gemination becoming a phonological phenomenon since it could lead to contrast in the dialect.
Apart from this, Luick discusses processes such as the early consonant gemination, early changes in consonant clusters, continuations of the earlier palatalisation processes, metatheses and distant assimilation as well as several other minor developments.
It should be said at the outset that the single most common form of incorrect consonant gemination in French for an English speaker has nothing to do with pronouncing a word as it looks on the printed page.