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17 (BNA): A group of highly-qualified visiting consultant doctors are expected to arrive in Bahrain soon as part of a plan to benefit from overseas expertise.
He called on all government entities to take actions and measures to enter the information related to services such as start and change of Car allowance, start and change of Communication allowance, government dedicated reimbursement for consultant doctors and start of driving reimbursement into (Horison) and approved by CSB through Workflow.
The stand by for consultant doctors reimbursement is granted at the rate of 1% from basic salary for each day the doctor works outside official working hours to follow up the status of patients and for keeping the doctor connected with the work to provide therapeutic consultancy
The cabinet approved five proposals on developing Mina Salman interchange, paving streets in Horat Sanad, setting up a health unit with an ambulance for King Fahd Causeway and Bahrain International Airport, providing a consultant doctor primarily at health centres open round the clock in the five governorates and allowing residents of Hamad Town, who possess land plots and housing units, to build on their garages according to laws and regulations.
Lanarkshire public health consultant Doctor Syed Ahmed said: "This is further evidence that the worst of the outbreak is over and that the control measures we have implemented are working.
It will be staffed with a consultant doctor, an anaesthetics consultant, a psychiatrist, palliative nurses, a nurse in charge of home visits and a psychological guide.
Faisal, a consultant doctor in the United Kingdom speaking on the occasion said, we should not call the children suffering from Dyslexia as abnormal children because this is not a disease but only a problem.
Mum-of-one Dr Michalak was the first consultant doctor to take maternity leave at Pontefract General Infirmary, West Yorks.
A consultant doctor who appeared before the delegation seeking anonymity said that he was getting only Rs40000 where as the Saudi delegation was offering 12,000 to 16,000 Saudi Rayals to the consultants apart from the incentives including four return tickets for Pakistan and 25 days leave annually and family stay.
It's been painted by Arsenal's consultant doctor Leonard Sash and is apparently a nude study of Thierry Henry.
The sessions will be attended by consultant doctors specialized in surgery, diagnostic radiology, therapeutic radiology, chemotherapy, nuclear medicine and tissue study and other related medical specialties.
The RCR says the same amount could have paid for at least 50 more consultant doctors to help speed up scan results.

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