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Inasmuch as consent was taken for granted, sexual relations represented the consummation of marriage.
Even before the birth of a child, however, medical science could provide an objective sign of the consummation of marriage.
Within the patriarchal societies of the dominantly Christian West, "the consummation of marriage was [viewed as] the supreme act of obedience.
He makes this equation of symbol unmistakably and astoundingly concrete when he says, "Whether it be to the wife in the consummation of marriage, or to the church in the offering of the one sacrifice, the masculine-nuptial self-donation or sacrifice is exclusive and permanent.
The description of the marriage process in our document is undoubtedly partial, as it jumps from the qasala ceremony to the consummation of marriage in the husband's tent.
Consummation of marriage, however, as the case of Ursina studied by Cecilia Cristellon in her second contribution to the collection shows, was not by itself the only condition for legitimating a marriage.
Last month a Saudi marriage official who appeared in LBC channel, said that girls can be married off by their fathers even when they are toddlers, but the consummation of marriage has to wait until she becomes 9 years old.
In and around La Rochelle, many westerners, within various ranks of rural and urban society, commonly regarded clergymen, Catholic or Calvinist, as devious practitioners of the blackest magic, as sorcerers capable of causing hailstorms, infesting fields with vermin, sickening farm animals, and sabotaging the vital consummation of marriages.