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The Newton's Third Law reaction force to the contact force [F.
The states are obtained and used in the penetration calculation by evaluating the contact force and by integrating dynamic equations.
The moment from the lateral wheel/rail contact force on the wheelset is normally calculated as [M.
When the robot's center of pressure (CoP) is aligned with the eCMP, the line of action for the total contact force passes through the CoM.
3 shows the inversed vertical dynamic contact force for the fourth wheel-set, unfortunately, it is unable to be compared with measurement value due to the limitation of test-bed.
This THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH Catheter enhances a physician's ability to achieve stable and consistent application of contact force by providing direct, real-time quantitative feedback graphically displayed on the company's CARTO 3 System upon tissue contact.
The company pioneered the use of contact-force measurement in catheter ablation with the development of the TactiCath, the first force-sensing ablation catheter to give physicians a real-time, objective measure of contact force during the catheter ablation procedure.
The CCM03 provides a maximum card insertion force of 3N for fixed cover and 1N for hinged cover with a contact force ranging from 0.
Anyone with information should contact Force CID in Coventry on 0345 113 5000.
Contact force is 2 N as standard, but the gauge can be supplied with a lower contact force of 0-7 N.
a Johnson & Johnson company, and a worldwide leader in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, announced the successful completion of the first clinical cases with the new THERMOCOOL(R) SMARTTOUCH(TM) Contact Force Sensing Catheter in the European Union, following recent CE-marking of the product.
At this time the maximum compressive contact force is reached at the tip of the lead.