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A number of works are receiving their UK premiere including Product Recall (2007), a video in which the artist undergoes a psychoanalyst session relating to contemporary advertising.
At the same time, Chinese moms are not 'helpless' either and are certainly not in need of being rescued by brands - despite how they might be represented in contemporary advertising.
These paintings are in gouache ad acrylic, but Rashid Rana uses digital imagery ingeniously to create what from a distance looks like a traditional Mughal court portrait in an ornate gold frame but which, as you approach it, breaks up into pixels which in turn, at close quarters, reveal tiny images of contemporary advertising.
It is, however, one's own personal digital realm, replete with phrases pulled from contemporary advertising ("you cre[a]te, you join").
We should note that these advertised cigarettes were expensive and exclusive; contemporary advertising did not cater to mass consumption but to limited groups of upwardly mobile effendis.

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