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The Bar Council's proposal for a statute on contempt of court included a Memorandum.
PART IV Journalists" Privilege Not to Reveal Sources: Protecting journalists" sources: Section 10, Contempt of Court Act 1981, Stephanie Palmer
Matz also told her he would rule her in contempt of court if she does not show up today in court to testify.
When LHC judge Shahid Karim took up the petition for hearing on Monday, Sheeraz Zaka, counsel for the petitioner Aziz Masud, told the court that the RO did not announce decision on his petition against Ehsan despite court's orders, which was a contempt of court.
Mehmood Akhtar Naqvi had filed petition in SHC on Wednesday taking the plea that PM Nawaz Sharif had said in his press conference that judges fear from giving decisions in Karachi, therefore, contempt of court proceedings be initiated against him because this statement falls in the ambit of contempt of court.
According to The Express Tribune, the chief justice, while addressing a lawyers' ceremony at the Supreme Court Karachi registry, claimed that the action was taken against Gilani under the contempt of court law because he defied the court's orders.
This is the first judgment in a contempt case which has taken into account an amendment to the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971.
Hanlon, of Fields Park Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff, was held to be in contempt of court but magistrates said they would not take any action after he apologised.
They felt if they didn't they would face contempt of court charges.
The court has also given seven days to former Attorney General Irfan Qadir to file his reply in contempt of court case.
Earlier in another tweet, commenting about the SC's decision on contempt of court against former prime minister and PPP central leader, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, Bilawal wrote on the social media website that he had already knew the decision as there were different laws for Multan and Lahore.
Islamabad, July 5 ( ANI ): Pakistan's federal cabinet has approved the Contempt of Court Bill, 2012, which provides immunity to the country's president, prime minister, ministers and chief minister from contempt of court proceedings.