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Perhaps related to the partial analytical separation of presidential narratives from the situation encountered, a peculiarly contentless pragmatism seems to be Politics' tacitly normative standard for high presidential performance.
The circularity of the revelation (its self-reflexivity) constitutes its traumatic opacity; what is unbearable (though must be borne) is that this revelation constitutes an inscrutable trauma generated by its lurid and transparent, riveting and finally contentless promise of revelation itself.
He hoped to avert the possibility that laws passed with the imprimatur of the woman voter would be rendered contentless by permissive all-male juries.
These are absolutely delightful, humorous, teasing, and excellent examples of textual playfulness in the manner that Gustavo Perez Firmat has called "idle fictions": the experimental, contentless prose so typical of the times in Spain.
Unless we maintain the distinction between duality and dualism, allowing for agent-structure distanciation, implications of Giddens's structuration theory are that only an arbitrarily limited range of options will be possible for particular agents, that of possible changes only some will be known and desired, and that only an unrealistically limited range of those may be realized as the unintended consequences of agents' otherwise (but contentless and sterile) knowledgeably directed action.
The problem with loyalty diagnosed earlier, that it leads to a contentless reification of the group as an institution, is graphically evident in organized crime, where time and again betrayal ultimately leads to the collapse of the entire system.
But freshman composition is itself ambiguous: a contentless course, a perpetual prerequisite that promises students who master its skills entree into the discourse, but does not itself tender the invitation.
I have seen many seminars mined by long, pretentious, contentless introductions.
The deeper question is why so many educators in the public system not only widely ignore these observations, but actively push the schools further in a contentless and assessment-free direction that is bad for most kids--especially those not from upper or middle-class homes--and unpopular not only with business people, but with parents and even many teachers.
Race in America is largely a contentless phantasm, based on regressive attitudes both old (the "one drop" rule) and new (the concept of the unified Hispanic ethnicity).
But somehow the difference between what can be neutrally termed contentless consciousness and contentful consciousness must be recognized and a terminology invoked which will keep them clear.
This contentless violence of cartoons has no basis in reality.