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Its selection of DB2 pureXML as its platform of choice for the NOW Context Engine will provide an advanced XML-based solution that will effectively scale to the needs of Thunderhead's largest customers.
0 incorporates an improved context engine that enables applications to "know" what types of information a user might need based on the user's interactions.
Key components of the central server platform include a Context Engine, Business Rules Engine, Communication Engine and a Knowledge Base Engine.
Context engine and adaptive firmware to enable low power consumption for every activity and context without compromising accuracy
Overlay Media, which comprises of a team of data scientists, have built the Context Engine technology to deliver personalised content to mobile users.
While CollabRx and its advisors do not provide specific treatment recommendations, this clinically relevant knowledge is a key part of the context engine for informing healthcare decision-making.
Context engine allowing all content to be filtered according to personal preference
I would point out that the context engine was developed by a team in the software and services group .
SITA is implementing a context-aware test platform that centers on the Appear Context Engine (ACE), a rules engine that determines where and when information should be available, and to whom.
Full disk encryption technology to deliver safe harbor compliance -- Document hidden data discovery and removal using new Lightspeed(TM) binary context engine -- Content-aware data encryption policies on storage and removable media to protect data at rest -- Content-aware policies for emails triggering third-party actions from Microsoft, IBM, EMC, RPost, GigaTrust, Cryptzone, PGP, Utimaco, Voltage and others to secure data in flight -- Content-aware policies for Microsoft Rights Management ensures documents have access privileges attached to them so they remain secure even after they leave the enterprise -- Integration and support for Microsoft Vista and the Microsoft 2007 Office System
The customer context engine executes business rules on this real-time view and can make decisions on individual data elements that are available through any database on the enterprise network.
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