Continual claim

CONTINUAL CLAIM, English law. When the feoffee of land is prevented from taking possession by fear of menaces or bodily harm, he may make a claim to the land in the presence of the vares[?], and if this claim is regularly made once every year and a day, which is then called a continual claim, it preserves to the feoffee his rights, and is equal to a legal entry. 3 Bl. Com. 175; 2 Bl. Com. 320; 1 Chit. Pr. 278 (a) in note; Crabbe's Inst. E. L. 403.

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Through data, analytics and continual claim monitoring, we quickly identify high-risk cases so we can intervene early with the appropriate clinical resources," explains Anne Kirby, Chief Compliance Officer and VP of Medical Review Services at Rising.
The second problem between the two states is Turkey's continual claim that Syria provides help and shelter to the separatist Kurdish group, the PICK, which has been at war with the Turkish state for the last two decades.
Such a scenario might have caused a bitter fight within the party, and given McCain fodder for his continual claim to be the only Republican with broad enough appeal to defeat the Democrats in November.
continual claim management versus only determining initial claim
And it would be difficult for him to square any such retaliation with his continual claim that he does not possess any such weapons.
Despite continual claims from within the club that Boro are too good to go down, they will not stop this disastrous slide towards the Championship until they stop shipping goals.
Yet, despite the continual claims that the troops will be withdrawn as soon as their mission has been completed, a gargantuan embassy complex the United States is now building in Baghdad makes it painfully obvious that our government intends to keep an American presence deeply mired in Iraq for a long time, and that there must be more to our intervention in Iraq than our government has shared with the American people.