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Tullow Oil chief Aidan Heavey said: "This ruling ignores a contractual term signed by a Government Minister in Uganda.
For the past two months, the Opec producer had informed some customers that they would receive full contracted volumes, only to trim supply later using a contractual term known as operational tolerance, the sources said.
It may also be that employees have developed a customary entitlement to take leave on all bank and public holidays, and that this will amount to an implied contractual term.
NBO, in a statement on the Muscat Securities Market website, said Simms will be leaving the bank on the expiry of his contractual term.
The bank said that Salaam Al Shaksy would be its next CEO replacing Murray Simms, who is leaving following the end of his contractual term with the bank.
If either the employer or employee does not fulfil a contractual term then s/he will be in breach of contract.
The Act provides that every business tenancy continues after the end of the contractual term of the tenancy until determined in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
1951), the Service indicated that a significant initial investment in an asset with a relatively short contractual term (absent renewals) strongly suggested an expectation of renewal.
An independent audit conducted by Pharmacy Outcomes Specialists and paid for by Sheet Metal Workers International Association revealed that Envision has met or exceeded every contractual term and condition under the contract with Local Funds.
Contractual term of the Framework Agreement is two (2) years from the signing of contracts with an option for 1 +1 year.
Since 1985, GfK has been running the AGF s TV research system, this being its sixth successive contractual term.