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The key financial officer of a state, private, or Municipal Corporation, who is charged with certain specific responsibilities related to its financial affairs.



See: caretaker, director, employer, principal, superintendent
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DENSO's new climate control unit is used in the new HARRIER, which was released last December and in the NOAH and VOXY which was released this month.
The versatile and freely programmable Compact Control Unit is guaranteed to perform well even when exposed to the most severe environmental conditions, for example vibrations, dust, water or electromagnetic interference.
The Model CT-201G heavy duty, probe was recommended to be used in conjunction with the control unit.
The central topic to the debate involves the psychological effects of control unit confinement.
The new CU250S-2 adds functional support for vector control with encoder evaluation to the existing standard control units, which already offer comprehensive and integrated safety functions.
In October 2011 Aecom recommended that the original fibreglas enclosure around the odour control unit be replaced by a steel enclosure.
RF Technologies offers a basic Sensatec control unit or a deluxe model with adjustable volume and delay functionality.
Elements for use with water-and oil-circulating temperature control unit are in stock.
a developer of mainframe connectivity products, and StorageTek, a provider of enterprise information lifecycle management, today announced Luminex's Virtual/BLUE 3990 control unit has been certified interoperable with StorageTek FlexLine online storage systems for native mainframe direct access storage device (DASD) connectivity.
The control unit also integrates with video and other equipment via relay outputs or RS-232 ports.
HeavyMoon has just come up with a wireless remote control unit for use with Apple iPods.
The Electro-Hydraulic Control Unit (EHCU) contains a high-pressure accumulator that stores the energy generated by the EHCU, and distributes it to the wheels individually, based on demand.