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51) Firm fixed effects Yes Yes Yes Control variables Yes Yes Yes Observations 1,788 14,678 3,100 Adjusted [R.
Given the high correlation between control and depression table to the 0/191 and the possibility of significant the relationship between these two variables is 0/05 to 0/265 and more As a result, the null hypothesis (independent variables) is accepted, and the relationship is not meaningful between the control variables and depression.
Results of statistical analysis for control variables show that there is an opposite and significant relationship between financial leverage and company size and profit management level.
To investigate whether a firm's dual-class status affects institutional investment differently across different institution types, in Table V we regress institutional ownership by each type of institution on Dual and the same control variables as in Table IV.
Furthermore, coefficients on our control variables are largely unchanged in sign and significance with the exception of our education and land area controls that are frequently insignificant.
When I examine the control variables, I see that book value has a negative effect on Q, but firm age has a positive effect on Q.
The insensitivity of the coefficients of the bank debt dummy to the presence of the control variables suggests their presence does not create a problem.
11) In addition to the control variables listed in Table 2, the reported tests also included binary variables for each one-digit SIC code to see whether firms in different industries experienced different lending decisions The parameter estimates for these variables are not listed in Table 4, as none of them are significant at any conventional level.
Equation (1) shows social performance as a function of disclosure quality and a set of control variables.
To measure the success of its diversity effort, the company conducts employee attitude surveys and uses demographic control variables to analyze survey data.
8) The control variables were lagged values of the dependent variable, lagged values of the growth rate of real labor income, and lagged values of ratio of household financial net worth to disposable personal income.
1% speed accuracy required, the DTC drive makes use of motor torque and stator flux as direct control variables.