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The present study is now taking a new step as it is examining these differences in a controlled experiment environment in which all of the participants are exposed to the same events and report on their feelings immediately following the events.
cupola dedicated to carrying out controlled experiments.
In recent controlled experiments, clinicians using the Littmann Model 3000 have picked up difficult-to-hear heart and lung sounds, while missing or misidentifying those same sounds with an acoustic (non-electronic) cardiology-grade stethoscope.
The kinds of chromosomal abnormalities resulting from both the accidental exposure and the controlled experiment are leading causes of miscarriage, congenital birth defects, and mental retardation in humans.
One doesn't need to be a scientist to realize that such comparisons are not the stuff of controlled experiments.
Agrawal, have demonstrated that resistance did not develop in vitro against GEM 91 over a period of six months, whereas in a parallel controlled experiment significant resistance developed against AZT.
By observing the fish at various times of day and night and running a controlled experiment in the lab, Herzog can identify changes in the fishes' behavior.
Army Soldier and Biological Command (SBCCOM) conducted a controlled experiment at Fort Riley, Kan.
Although he never ran a controlled experiment - which would have involved firing a gun at a known spot - Lahr says he could trace a shot to the nearest couple of meters.
In the virus controlled experiment, the monkeys developed clinical signs by day seven and experienced 100 percent mortality.
The AT&T cable would enable them to do a much more careful and controlled experiment.
More than 400 mock jurors took part in a controlled experiment to test whether they were more likely to deliver a guilty verdict if the defendant were sitting in an enclosed glass dock, in an open dock or at the bar table with their lawyer.

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