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Disease, and the respective body of knowledge, co-exist within a social reality; consequently, a controlled vocabulary designed to facilitate knowledge organization and access relative to HIV/AIDS must reflect the complexities of this socially constructed reality.
The structured search of electronic databases began with a preliminary search using truncated forms of the terms "play, and "leisure" both as controlled vocabulary (descriptors or subject headings) and as free-text terms - i.
KEA++ is good at identifying relevant keyphrases using linear controlled vocabulary but spurs a lot of irrelevant keyphrase in results for hierarchical controlled vocabulary.
Authentic children's literature that used colorful words and interesting plots replaced the stilted, controlled vocabulary of stories that were common in basal readers, and young writers were encouraged to express their thoughts using "temporary spelling," a process by which children write letters that match the sounds they hear in words.
A metathesaurus is a "thesaurus of thesauri," a way to reconcile a number of controlled vocabulary schemes for cross-searching (Subcommittee on Metadata and Subject Analysis, 1999).
By 4th grade, Trace wrote, the Russian children's reading vocabulary was nearly 10,000 words, while their peers in American schools had been exposed to a carefully controlled vocabulary of fewer than 1,800 words.
Currently there exists a considerable gap in our understanding about (1) representation issues in information seeking, (2) metadata schemes designed to describe children's resources, (3) the development and use of age-appropriate controlled vocabularies, (4) the impact that using an age-appropriate metadata scheme and controlled vocabulary can have on children's information seeking and access, and (5) the advantages and disadvantages of involving children in metadata scheme and/or metadata creation.
Readers containing a controlled vocabulary have advantages and disadvantages, but that is true of many plans of teaching and learning.
Additionally, by providing a controlled vocabulary, you can have your teachers, and players speak intelligently, and thus instructionally.
The Toxicology Subsystem stores clinical chemistry parameters and manages histopathological data, allowing the pathologist to annotate the sample using the controlled vocabulary from the Pathology Ontology developed by Pathbase database (http:// eulep.
Students will become familiar with the specialized language of the discipline, including the controlled vocabulary of the primary indexes for the literature: 2.
The use of the taxonomy's controlled vocabulary enhances searching via browsing.

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