CONTROVER, obsolete. One who invents false news. 2 Inst. 227.

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BOARD members of the controver sial Hexham Business Improvement District (BID) have resigned, casting doubts over the company's future, it can be revealed.
His comments later included his opinion on African-American players kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games[yen]AaAaAeA an ongoing controver initiated by player Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand to protest police brutality against African-Americans in the US.
The plan to demolish Hard man House proved controver sial on social media when it was first revealed earlier this year.
The prognostic significance of chondroblastic differentiation has been controver sial, with conflicting reports of association with better (12) as well as worse (5, 33) survival, whereas fibroblastic tumors have been associated with better prognosis compared with osteoblastic and chondroblastic subtypes.
Infamously, United's board then admitted they had downgraded the League Cup - which led to controver sy and bitterness among supporters.
The plans are controver sial, however, and last-minute wrangling over the details led the European Commission to reschedule a planned an nouncement.
In this new two-part version of r the controver and Rachael sisters Gudru Rory Kinnea The dram shot, partly mW rsial classic, Rosamund Pike Stirling play Midland-based un and Ursula, in love with ar and Joseph Mawle.
he daughter of a high-profile TTBirmingham human rights lawyer is leading the chal -lenge against the controver -sial police tactic of kettling to confine protesters at demonstrations.
Curtis caused controver 1984 when he began dat Coventry schoolgirl turn glamour model, Debee As by.
114) Seyla Benhabib, "Afterword: Communication Ethics and Current Controver sies in Practical Philosophy," in The Communicative Ethics Controversy, ed.
Scotsman Snodgrass scored five minutes into time added on against Brighton, who led through a controver s i a l Glenn Murray penalty.